As a child she was used to be in  kitchens, Besides her grandmother was a cook in a large house.
Geraldine Laubrières feels comfortable with that.

After her studies at the Hotel and catering school  in Chamalières and her two-year diploma she left for a journeyman  in the fine diner establishments.

First, She became an apprentice for Elisabeth BOURGEOIS, at the Mas de Tourneron in Gourdes-en Provence.
Then she joined Rémi GIRAUD at The Domain Des Hauts De Loire in Onzain in The Pays-De Loire.
Geraldine actually finds out  all about her own cooking with Bernard LOISEAU in Saulieu in The Côte D’Or.
In London she meets Gordon RAMSAY Who intrusts  her to Marcus WAREING, his former apprentice, at Petrus in Saint -James Street. Yet, she will rapidly join her restaurant in Chelsea.

In harmony with Gordon Ramsey’s cooking, she will fulfil the function of Pastry Chef and afterwards that of Sous-Chef. Nowadays, at home, she shows a real passion for her cooking that she wants to be the most authentic, delicate, subtle one, respectful of tfhe food products  and of their flavour.